The Merchant's Garden at Laws Close

With Spring right around the corner our garden volunteers from Kirkcaldy Rotary Club are already busy preparing the beds at the Merchant’s Garden (Laws Close). The ground has been cleared in preparation for planting and our tenants in the offices are looking forward to spending lunch breaks in this tranquil garden.

Hopes are high for producing a good crop of : sugar snap peas, carrots, beetroot, parsnips, lettuce, cabbage, courgettes, bush beans, tomatoes. Gooseberry and blackcurrant bushes together with the fruit trees are being fertilised and hopefully a good crop will be produced this year in preparation for our September 2018 Doors Open Day as our volunteers will be making amazing fruit preserves, fresh vegetables etc. to sell on the day.

Here is a very old, tried and tested recipe, for Red Gooseberry Jam:


  1. 4 parts red gooseberries

  2. 1 part water

  3. 1 lemon's worth of juice (for the pectin)

  4. 1 part sugar


  1. Place all the ingredient in a pot on high heat and stew until all the ingredients are bubbling, softening.

  2. Mix and leave to simmer for an hour.

  3. Allow to cool.

  4. Pour into jars and cool.

After a harsh winter we hope it will still be bountiful year in the Merchant's Garden here at Law's Close. We hope your garden or allotment is starting to finally bloom into life and we would love to hear back from you on the success of your jam making!

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