The Beast from the East at Strathleven House

The Beast from the East hit hard at Strathleven House and the neighbouring Vale of Leven Industrial Estate. Although the weather brought in a harsh cold, it also brought with it an exceptional natural beauty that we rarely get to see. It transformed our lovely building, nearby nature trails and local community into an exceptionally beautiful landscape. Never have I seen such a transformation.

In the aftermath of Storm Emma so many local communities banded together to clear their roads and ensure everyone kept safe. The same rings true here, where our community of caring tenants here at Strathleven House were quick to share crucial travel information, update others on road conditions and offered support to clear out our roads to make it both safe and secure for local businesses to travel.

While the remnants of the winter weather are still here, take a moment to visit the historical beauty of your local community, and if you unfortunately missed it, check out a small glimpse of our nearby community captured by the incredibly talented Turkey Red Media who operate from our very own Strathleven House Business Centre.

#TurkeyRedMedia #Snow #StrathlevenHouse #Community

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